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About the Movements & Sounds Podcast

Movements & Sounds is a podcast project celebrating First Nations musical, creative, and everyday life endeavours. Initiated by Charlotte Schuitenmaker, a non-Indigenous PhD researcher focussing on First Nations music and social movements in Sydney, the project aims to facilitate a more transparent way of conducting research interviews, making the recordings accessible and in reach to those who have participated in the project, and their direct communities.  


It also facilitates a dialogue cross-globally and cross-culturally, aiming to create awareness of First Nations political movements, but also to highlight every contributor's unique experience while learning about Indigenous creatives' rich cultural history, full of knowledge and talent.  

This project is not-for-profit. It received a SOAS Student Enterprise Start-Up Fund. A small portion of this fund is used for this website and a microphone. Another small portion went to the two soundwalks to cover the participants' time for co-creating the creative projects. The rest has been donated to Seed, an Indigenous-led youth organisation taking action for climate justice. 

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